3G Video Telephony

“Currently, mobile operators are closing their large investments in 3G network infrastructure, and they now aim at offering services which will improve customer loyalty and increase revenues. Our proposal seeks to enhance this infrastructure allowing voice and video communications,” points out Marco Aurélio Barbosa de Oliveira, Sales Manager at ATS – Advanced Technology Solutions, Brazil.

ATS was created in 1991 by a group of Argentine entrepreneurs to offer solutions based on electronic voice processing. We are a company that evolves along with the market and that is part of convergent networks within our development line. Together with our partner Dialogic, an infrastructure specialist, we are jointly launching video telephony solutions for 3G networks.

“Next year will be crucial for new applications, mainly video applications. Studies show that by the year 2010, nearly 100 million users will enjoy video applications. This is an opportunity for operators who, besides improving customer loyalty, will raise revenues through network traffic. Projections indicate that five years from now, cell phones will be the main personal device,” states Oliveira.

A new ATS video telephony solution will allow operators to offer conferencing, messages portal, surveillance, contact center, banking and marketing applications. The interface is flexible and the device itself adjusts to fit the display size.

“Spain is already resorting to video banking solutions and now cell phone users may access an ATM as if they were there. Users may also video call in real time a contact center and communicate with a representative using a webcam. In connection with surveillance, the application may detect any strange presence near the user’s home and send a video showing what is happening in real time.”

Access. The best of the service is that applications don’t need a data package to be accessed; they are charged as a voice call. For operators, ATS’ business model is flexible, with sharing rules, sharing revenues or sale of solutions.

Interactive video communications are changing the way people communicate. This solution has immediate benefits. In the case of a call center, interaction will be achieved through voice and image. In the case of technical support, the user may see the product instead of only hearing instructions such as:‘disconnect this’ or ‘connect that’. An image is worth a thousand words.”

ATS’ offices are currently located in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. We also provide our services in other countries through our business partners. “Our target has always been Latin America, offering solutions for fixed and mobile operators, including the URA system for call centers, prepayment platforms for credit control and customer profile, as well as other services. Brazil represents nearly 50% of our sales.”

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