Argentine Technology for New Generation Networks

ATS increases its investment in the development of new technologies and surpasses its growth expectationsATS’s fiscal year has just ended in Argentina, and its financial statements report sales around AR$ 13 million, which represent a 65% increase from last year’s figures, and exceed the company’s historical pre-devaluation sales levels.

“Among other factors —analyzes Claudia Rivière, president of ATS— we believe our growth is the result of having understood that the market requires providers capable of catching up with the evolution of telephone networks, investing in new technologies.”

In 2003, ATS managed to incorporate to its technological platforms capacities for operating in Intelligent Networks (IN), thus becoming the first Latin American company to develop this kind of technology. This has enabled ATS to enter new markets and sign important deals for installing prepaid mobile telephone systems in Peru andColombia operators, extend its customer network in Brazil and increase its business volumes with Argentinaoperators.

“Our platform evolves in line with business opportunities in Latin America. We are planning to migrate in September one of our Prepayment platforms installed in a Colombia operator, to VoIP based on the SIP standard protocol,” explains Julio Rivière, Technology Director of ATS. “This will enable our customers to simplify and cut costs related to their voice communication transport scheme.”

Operators in Argentina are investing heavily in optimizing the services rendered by their networks. In light of this, ATShas decided to join them by providing them with the technology necessary to replace imports at very competitive prices and render a top quality-guaranteed service.

Thus, ATS’s Roadmap contemplates adding before the end of the year new capacities to its SensIT platform, incorporating CAMEL Phase II, INAP and NGN. Further, ATS plans to add CAMEL Phase III by the end of the first quarter of 2006. Its Prepayment and Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications —among others—will be able to use these new technologies.

The decision to invest in new technologies is one of the reasons that explain the increase of ATS’s business volumes. The growth has had in turn a strong impact on the creation of new job posts. So far in 2005, the company has increased its workforce by more than 50%, surpassing the projections made at the beginning of the year, which estimated a 30% growth. More than 40 people have joined the company, a number expected to keep growing mainly in the software development areas.