ATS announces the opening of operations in Mexico

ATS offers telecommunication solutions for fixed and mobile telephony and trunking Operators

Mexico, D.F. July 5, 2007- Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS), the Argentine company that develops technology solutions for communications, announced the opening of new offices in Mexico as part of its expansion plan intended to cover several markets in the region. With this move, the company seeks to strengthen its position in the Mexican territory, become closer to its customers from Central America and theCaribbean, and rank as one of the main providers of value-added services for telecommunications in Latin America.

In the presence of about one hundred telecommunication tycoons in the country and with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico and Argentina and the Argentine Embassy in Mexico, ATS announced its solutions and its commitment to the local market.

The company – whose system development processes have been certified at CMMI level 3– is among the first 20 companies which qualified under the Software Law enacted by the Argentine government in the context of its program to support the software industry in institutional and tax-related matters, and which is mainly focused on increasing software exports.

ATS solutions are used by the main fixed and mobile telephony and trunking Operators, providing a wide range of services such as Intelligent Peripherals, Equipment Identity Register, Prepaid & Calling Card Systems, Missed Call Notification, among others.

“The opening of offices in Mexico avows our commitment with regional customers. We intend to build a long-lasting relationship with the Mexican government, similar to the relationship we already have with the Argentine government,” stated Jorge Brunfman, CEO of ATS, who announced that the investment planned for the first year of operations in Mexico will amount to one million dollars, and rise to 3 million dollars until 2010. “We have come here to settle for a long time and to offer technology alternatives which add value to our customers.”

ATS partners with global technology companies and forges regional alliances to provide better services to its customers. We have teamed up with Oracle, Intel, Dialogic, Cantata, TelcoBridge and Nuance, which are renowned companies with vast market knowledge, which offer solutions tailored to the telephony requirements of Latin America.


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About ATS

ATS was established in Argentina in 1991 and,began its international expansion strategy in 1997 with the opening of offices in Brazil and the development of distribution channels through its business partners in Latin America’s most influential countries. It currentlyhas more than 150 employees, and offices in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico, which report annual global revenues of over 12 million dollars. For more information, visit

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