ATS celebrated its 20 years

With more than 250 attendants ATS celebrated its 20 years, at Puerto Madero Yacht Club, last 19th November.

Employees from ATS Brazil, ATS Mexico, ATS Colombia and ATS Bahia Blanca were present, together with external collaborators, who travelled especially to join the celebration with ATS Buenos Aires’ team.

Since the first arrangements, more than a year ago, the party was signed by the enthusiasm and by a remarkable surrounding atmosphere. Proof of this is the fact that different ATS collaborators spontaneously organized artistic pieces to present during the night, such as a drama play, a magic show and a music show, among others.

In addition to these presentations, other well-known figures were present: Silvio Soldán recreated the games in “Feliz Domingo”, his popular TV show, and Los Pericos played their greatest hits and made everybody dance and jump.

The celebration was also the ideal context for the company’s Directors to transmit their balance of the last 20 years and they invited to think this one as a new starting point to renew efforts towards an expansion and innovation horizon.