ATS certifies quality through CMMI maturity model

ATS – Advanced Technology Solutions, “specialized in developing software for the telecommunications industry began in 2004 to certify their quality project through Liveware services: ‘We wanted to be predictable, to evaluate the costs and delivery times of development, reduce effort replication and launch better products to market’, says Claudia Riviere, ATS’ president, which has branches in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, and has 120 employees locally (…).

‘Certify CMMI was the best option for an industry like software’, declares Riviere. (…) About the hiring of an outside consultant, she says: ’We needed help in understanding processes that at first they are not so specific. The identification’s stage was the most difficult of the project. It took a long time and it involved a cultural change’.

The benefits were noted in the predictability of working time and costs. ‘Now, 90 per cent of projects deviates less than 10 percent of the original planning. From the standpoint of productivity, some matters began to emerge as the reuse of modules, which helped us to reduce by 30 percent the development cycle’, says the executive. She adds: ‘As for the quality of products, we are reaching implementations with low error. In addition, we ensure that knowledge remains within the company’.

Two years passed until ATS first examined at CMMI level 3 in 2006. ‘It brought an investment of U$S S 200,000 plus resources’, says Riviere (…). For the first stage, ATS got a subsidy of AR$ 50,000 from the Government of Buenos Aires City. In the next two years ATS ‘reaffirms the level obtained and recertifies in August 2009 the third level. In this case, with an investment of U$S 120,000, with a grant of AR$ 75,000 from Fonsoft’ (…).

ATS plans for the future the increase of CMMI to level five in 2012. ‘This involves more work, since the new level is related with statistical process control and operative reassembly through a risk view’, says Riviere”.