ATS deployed the Automatic SIM Activation system in VIVO

Oberthur, in partnership with ATS during 2012, deployed the Automatic SIM Activation system in VIVO,Brazil’s main mobile operator.This solution will allow VIVO to manage SIM card’s activation in a dynamic and remote way, optimizing numbering ranges administration and network resources so that every active telephone line generates revenue.

ASA is a tool developed by ATS to solve SIM cards’ distribution logistics and stock management, which avoids economic loss by using fictitious telephone numbers that are replaced by real ones only when the activation process is completed. This generates available stock at all times and minimizes investment in HLR, OTA and VoiceMail licenses. Moreover, ASA overcomes geographical limitations, allowing to assign the area during the activation and according to the client’s needs.

In addition to these benefits, ASA enables to automatically conduct the activation process through SMS, USSD or IVR using a four-stage interactive menu, which is fully settable through the Service Creation Environment graphic editor. The activation can take place from any point of purchase and can be monitored through different mechanisms: SNMP, Real Time Monitor and Web Monitoring. Additionally, this process enables the client to choose its own telephone number from a set of options delivered by the operator.

“This solution will help us to guarantee numbers’ availability without investing in additional retail infrastructure”, pointed out Vivo’s Directors in charge of the project: Agenor Leao, Atila Branco, Fabio Sepulvida, Gerardo Weiland, Katia Pedroso, Leonardo Capdeville and Patricia Orn, according to PR Newswire-Firstcall press release.

This implementation not only reasserts ATS regional leadership but strengthens its partnership with Oberthur -world leader in security based on smart card technology and associated services- as well.