ATS Has Developed a Solution for the Prevention of Virtual Kidnapping

The Argentine company ATS, which specializes in communications technology, has developed a system that identifies calls made from the country’s prisons for the purpose of preventing virtual kidnappings as provided in a resolution passed by the Argentine Department of Communications. This system is now operating in more than 700 phones in the form of a warning message that is displayed to the receiver of the call that says “This call is from a correctional facility.”

The Argentine company ATS, developer of technological communications solutions, has created a new system that makes it possible to identify calls made from prisons, thus enabling phone operators to meet the requirements of Resolution No. 36 of the Department of Communications and prevent virtual kidnapping.

According to such resolution, fixed and mobile telephony companies must have an intelligent platform that identifies calls made from incarceration facilities through a warning message for the receiver of the call stating, “This call is from an incarceration facility.”

Although the resolution became effective last February, a report issued in April by the Argentine National Commission of Communications revealed that only two of the 21 phone cards audited by the Government are able to identify calls made from prisons.

For that purpose, ATS, which has, since 1991, developed and integrated products and technological solutions for facilitating communication across Latin America, implemented a solution that allows any telephone operator to identify a call made from a prison, whether it is made using coins, is a collect call or is made using prepaid cards, and accordingly issue a warning message for the receiver.

This solution is currently operating in around 700 pay phones distributed in different correctional facilities.

In the past, fixed telephony operators had systems that issued messages when inmates used the call collect service from pay phones based in correctional facilities. However, inmates managed to get around these controls using the 0-800 systems of prepaid cards they themselves obtained by way of a ransom for their virtual kidnappings.

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