ATS has implemented the new version of Prepaid Call for NGN at Orbitel

ATS has just successfully migrated to NGN, its Prepaid platform installed in Orbitel Colombia.

Using a single platform to administer networks based on different technologies, ATS’ SensIT platform will process both Edatel’s local traffic with loopback (Pre-IN) technology and Orbitel’s long-distance traffic on NGN (IP SIP).
The platform is prepared to process calls from all Orbitel’s subsidiaries seeking to provide prepaid services through any network technology.
A wide range of differentiated services may be provided with Prepaid Call’s new 5.3 version, including SMS & Prepaid Data, Internet Prepago, PC to Phone, Ring Tones download, Wall Papers and Interactive Games, with fees varying depending on the balance in the account used.

SensiT is the first prepaid platform based on SIP protocol to be developed for a Latin American company.

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