ATS implements USSD in Claro Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay

In 2012 second quarter, ATS was chosen to carry out the implementation of USSD Platform in América Movil (company in charge of Operations in Claro Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay). USSD is in production since October.

USSD platform by ATS will enable Claro to design applications and launch promotions, products and services dynamically, with minimum complexity and with a reduced time-to-market.

Omar Said, CIO at Claro says: “This product will raise our customer’s satisfaction and will speed up every process related to user interaction. In addition, it will free IVR and Call Center  resources enabling to optimize our operations, to carry out promotions and to deliver services which will produce revenue. USSD platform will be our allied not only at an operative level, but at business level as well.”

Through this implementation the Operator will be able to optimize and increase its interactive communication services.

Omar Said concluded: “The work done by ATS helps us to maintain a leadership position in launching innovative products and services for mobile telephony in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.