ATS introduced “Blasting revenues with 3G Applications” at Futurecom 2008

The convergent solutions company introduced “Blasting Revenues with 3G Applications” and video telephony for telecom operators in Brazil.

São Paulo, 29th October 2008 – ATS, leader in solutions’ development and integration for convergent networks introduced “Blasting Revenues with 3G Applications”, a video telephony solution for 3G networks.

“Video interactive communications are changing the way in which people communicate. Due to this fact, ATS decided to bet on the voice network in order to broadcast video, with the aim of revolutionizing the operator’s service offer to their clients”, says Marco Aurélio Barbosa de Oliveira, ATS Brazil Network Operators Business Manager.

With ATS new solution, mobile operators with 3G networks and fixed operators with NGN networks will be able to offer multiple video call services, integrated to the current networks.

“ATS initial focus is mobile operators and interactive content companies. For next year, we already have two operators interested in testing the solution”, reveals Barbosa de Oliveira.

ATS video telephony solution enables to offer video conference apps, video surveillance or security, video contact center, video banking and video marketing, among others. In order to access those services, the final or corporative customer makes a video call through a telephone number.

The video portal enables user interaction with the world of video, video surveillance or security allows controlling your home’s security system through video and domotics, video banking enables users to check their electronic banking account and to carry out the desired operation, and video contact center allows the user to see and talk to an operator, and vice versa. “

“That is our solution, called voice-solution and used to access video contents. With the settlement of the 3G network in Brazil, we started to offer one more interactive voice and video communication option, in addition to the access via data. The infrastructure already exists, we are adding value through a new service”, explains Barbosa de Oliveira.
By offering these new services, ATS bets to raise operators’ revenue through voice and video apps, in addition to reducing costs, physical room and hardware, and increasing human resources productivity.