ATS keeps evolving

In our constant search through the way of development and innovation, we have reached the certification for the platform 2.1 in the VoiceXML Forum.

The VoiceXML platform (VXML) is a natural voice recognition programming language that enables to perform interactive dialogs, processing millions of calls daily that include hundreds of different applications: voice dialing, bank queries and transactions, sendings and flights tracking, client’s pre-answering and self-management, among others.

Among other benefits, the adoption of a voice recognition standard, offers:

  • Freedom to choose among hardware providers, as the main switchboards uses the same standard, achieving a great interoperability between brands.
  • Common architecture, which allows implementing and scaling the platforms very agilely.
  • Security, as the certified systems have passed through a series of strict control mechanisms and quality tests that certifies their integrity.

This success is the result of months of work of our Software Development team, which through its effort and knowledge turned ATS in the first latinoamerican company that certified this platform, and one of the only 5 companies certified in the whole world.

We congratulate our team for this achievement and we invite you to keep on trusting us in 2011, a year that started the best way.