ATS plans to close 2004/2005 period with a billing increase exceeding 40%

ATS, an Argentine company which develops technologic solutions for communications, is planning to close its 2004/2005 with a billing increase of over 40%. The company closed its last fiscal year with a billing of 8 million Argentine pesos. Also, the growth of its international businesses demands an expansion of its labor force by 25%. “This expansion and the growth of sales in the domestic market call for the opening of new labor positions. We are performing labor searches to reach a growth of 25% of our current structure by the end of the year” said Mariana Katz, Human Development Manager. “Working positions in commercial and marketing divisions have increased more than 60% and we are focused on continuing strengthening our technology divisions, by hiring many professionals specialized in software development, documentation and testing”. ATS currently has 100 employees: 70 of them working in Argentina and the remainder in the Brazilian branch. An important factor for the growth of ATS has been its international expansion. Next September 18 the company will open new and bigger offices in the city of São Paulo, where it opened its first branch in 1997. This year, ATS entered into agreements with important regional telco companies such as Telefónica from Argentina, Oi Brazil, Nextel Brazil and Nextel Peru. Also, it will soon sign partnership agreements with technology integrators from Colombia and México. ATS is a leader in the development of added value solutions for Telco Operators, including pre-paid telephone systems, a segment where the company has reached an important position. Currently, 40% of subscribers to this telephone system in Argentina use ATS’ technology. ATS also provides its pre-paid platform to 60% of the mobile phone companies of the country. Within the Industry, Finance and Services segment, ATS’ unified messaging solutions and automated phone assistance are used by the 300 most important companies ofArgentina. In addition, ATS developed its IN- Intelligent Network platform this year to provide telco massive services; this opens interesting business perspectives in Latin America. “This technology has a strategic value to place Argentina as a software-exporter country because it is the first Intelligent Network platform developed by a Latin American company” states Claudia Rivière, ATS’ president. Last May, the company entered into the first agreement on intelligent network with the Brazilian telco operator Oi. The IN technology allows Telco Operators to render massive services at a lower operating cost.

This development by ATS has recently gained, on a public bid, the support of the Secretaría de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación (Argentine Science and Technology Department) whichgrants subsidies to support innovation and technology exports, through the FONTAR (Argentine Technologic Fund).  “One of the premises that FONTAR took into consideration to grant the subsidy to us was that the regional demand of this technology is generally satisfied by American, European or Asian companies. So, our development is an opportunity for import substitution and for the promotion of exports at very competitive prices”, Rivière said

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