ATS was present at Futurecom 2012

Back from Futurecom, we talked with Claudia Rivière and Jorge Brunfman about their experience at the trade fair, the conferences and their balance of the event.

This year, on the occasion of celebrating its 15th anniversary in Brazil, ATS decided to be part of Futurecom with a booth of its own, to reinforce its image and its successful 21-years’ career in the Latin-American Telecommunications market.

“We always focus on being close to the Client, and we also wanted to be so at Futurecom”. As regards this expectation, Claudia Rivière (ATS President) states that it was fulfilled: “We were able to establish a closer relationship with our clients. They attended, visited our booth and we made the most of the opportunity to listen to their concerns and to introduce new products.”

ATS’ booth included two meeting-rooms, which were the proper field to share their new solutions and technologies for the Operator’s market with clients.

In addition, ATS’ participation was expected to strengthen the company’s image as a World Class provider of solutions for telecommunications’ Operators and, “considering our clients and contacts’ attendance, it was achieved, because that is the market’s perception”, says Jorge Brunfman (ATS CEO).

At the Futurecom Congress, both topical issues and social issues related with Brazil were debated. It was discussed how technological changes would affect society and which would the government’s role be. That is to say, the problem of incorporating new technologies was dealt with. For example, when the LTE networks are deployed, new and old networks will coexist for a long time. “And, evidently, ATS has a solution for that problem”, stressed Claudia Rivière.

“Conferences are useful both for us and for Operators”. In their case to know what’s available on the market and also because it’s the meeting-point of all Operator’s executives of the region, where they can exchange opinions and experiences”, said Jorge Brunfman. “And it helped us to strengthen regional relationships, to detect opportunities and to understand our clients’ concerns. Knowing the field on which Operators try to make business opens us the door to imagination”, added Claudia Rivière.

Participating meant a significant investment for ATS and it is entrusted that the return will be the expected, though it won’t be necessarily measurable.

According to Claudia Rivière, “participating allows us both to detect opportunities and to strengthen relationships, which propitiates an approach and clarity of situation that make you go for businesses in a firmer way.”

For both managers, participating of the event drew a positive balance.

“ATS’ participation was very good, with a booth that exceeded our expectations and that was carried out efficiently not only to allow professional contact, but for discussing projects and for relaxed conversation with the Operators as well”, said Jorge Brunfman.

“Being several days at the same place and going over the same topics, gathering all of ATS Brazil – San Pablo and Rio de Janeiro- and ATS Mexico’s collaborators, together with Brazil Country Manager and the Commercial Director, generates a creative synergy which turns out to be very interesting for the company. This is independent from Futurecom, but Futurecom enables everyone to be there at the same time”, said Claudia Rivière.

As topics to improve at the trade fair, they stressed that it would be necessary to turn Futurecom into a more regional event, with the participation of Operators and executives from all Latin-America. They also observed the date’s selection because the day next to the closing one was a holiday at Brazil causing very few people to participate on the last day, which reduced the trade fair to two days instead of three.

To sum up, both managers said that ATS has plans to participate in a similar event next year, though they cannot say if this event will certainly be Futurecom.

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