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TELEFÓNICA Argentina needed a solution which allowed to redesign the functioning logic of its Call Centers. Therefore, it implemented Intelligent Call Assistant, an intelligent pre-answering application, with centralized access, which guarantees single-point call answering across the country and which enables a dynamic call flow configuration, improving the efficiency the market imposes.





INTELIG TELECOM Brazil -currently TIM- faced the challenge of providing the number portability service to its users, within the demanding deadlines set by the National Telecommunications Agency. For this reason it hired the company, in order to implement the Number Portability solution.


“We would like to thank and congratulate the whole team that worked on the Call Screening project. It was hard work done on a short period of time. You have worked side by side with Intelig and have put your great development capacity in order to quickly solve our needs. We are fully conscious that its know-how was essential for Intelig to reach its Number Portability aim. ”

Marcio Thiago. Technology VP, INTELIG.




FREE PHONETIM_logo_transparente

INTELIG TELECOM Brazil -nowadays TIM- needed to replace its previous system and to provide innovative features which allowed to offer more sophisticated products to its corporative and end customers. Intelig implemented Free Phone, which allows to build the pre answers defined by interactive services based on PIN request, menu presentation, percentual calls distribution; using the company’s call flows graphic editor, SCE.



FREE PHONE Telefonica

TELEFÓNICA Argentina replaced its 0800 provider with Free Phone -new generation- which adds new functionalities to the traditional services. The Operator will be able to improve its quality of attention, increase the installed customer base and face today’s highly competitive market challenges.

“This solution was delivered within the established time limits, complying with the requested requirements and proactively solving every integration challenge arisen during the project’s deployment”.





Oi -the biggest GSM operator in Brazil, belonging to the Telemar Group- needed to enlarge the services of its intelligent network platform, purchased to Telcordia. Therefore, it requested the implementation of Intelligent Peripheral, which allows to quickly add vocal messaging services at a lower cost and independently from its network provider.


CLARO –Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay-

CLARO Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay replaced their former solution with Smart Messaging Platform, which allows the operator to offer multiple value added services to its customers and to speed up the development and deployment of services through its SCE graphic editor. Moreover, it allows to easily check user’s billing by accessing content providers, and to maintain their final client’s loyalty by providing a transparent and reliable context when billing contents.




SERVICE BROKERlogo_nextel_sinfondo

Nextel Mexico needed to comply with a new regulation that compelled to migrate to a standardized 10-digit dialing for every call within the national territory according to the Numbering Technical Plan.

The chosen solution was Service Broker, which allows mediating on the numeric translation for all intelligent network legacy systems beyond its type –legacy, NGN, fixed and mobile-. Service Broker’s implementation covers all call scenarios: solves correction during dialing, assigns prefixes according to the numbering plan and retriggers between MSC and OSC (frequent number dialing, pre and post-paid calls, among others).

Using this solution, Nextel was able to increase its cash flow by reducing the amount of uncompleted calls and to diminish the use of network resources generated by wrong dialing.





After the state resolution which defines that every SIM card in Argentina must be identified, developed the NOMINATION SERVICE app for Telefónica, in order to register its unnominated prepaid cell phone fleet.



USSD Gatewaylogo_nextel_sinfondo
NEXTEL México 

USSD Gateway allowed the operator to execute push and pull services and applications with a great advantage for content providers: the possibility to develop their own user interaction menus with HTML language, which is broadly known and used by this kind of aggregators. This simplifies design and provides with a quick time-to-market on integration and deployment. Additionally, it allows to increase value added services for its clients and to carry out balance recharge, account queries, service purchase and subscriptions, among other features.



SMS GATEWAY TIM_logo_transparente
TIM Brazil

“The company has been provider of Intelig-TIM for 5 years, deploying not only the SMS Broadcast/GTW´s and USSD Financial Services, but the software and hardware of this project, complying with the deadlines defined by Intelig-TIM. Our company acknowledges the high professionalism, technical know-how, commercial commitment, technical support and maintenance provided by the teams in Brazil.

VAS Engineering & Terminais
TIM Cellular




TELEFÓNICA – Costa Rica-

Broadcast Messaging was centralized with five operations in Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

“Broadcast Messaging Platform was installed last year and, due to the team work achieved, we were able to migrate more than 90% of the campaign traffic. We are very satisfied with the service provided.”

Platforms Administration
Systems Operation
Telefónica Global Technology



VIVO Brazil

“The company showed a differential commitment, including: pro-activity to solve the challenges arisen during the project’s implementation of Automatic SIM Activation. Working in a proactive and collaborative way, interacting positively with Vivo’s teams and looking for the best possible solution; customer orientation: understanding the process criticality and the tight deadlines, it kept its Development and Professional services teams available 7×24 during the deployment, in order to support Vivo and to comply with ANATEL’s inspection date; quality: we emphasize the quality of its SW modules, which have a sophisticated redundancy architecture that guarantees service continuity, also in emergency situations. This year we upgraded the platform in order to adapt it to the LTE network. This process was also successful and achieved all our expectations”.




TIM Brazil

TIM had a SMS messaging broadcast gateway developed in-house by the operator that was integrated to the marketing campaign generator but showed capacity limitations, did not allow to monitor the delivery of campaign messages or to generate reports for a detailed analysis and, furthermore, messages were sent through the SMSC, competing with the Mobile Originated messages.

The implementation of Broadcast Messaging meant a great leap in service quality, allowing to monitor campaigns in real time and to create partial or final reports and to show the delivery result of each message and identifying the causes of the delivery failure.

Broadcast Messaging is a high capacity solution and the delivery rate does not compete with Mobile Originated messages by capacity in the SMSC, due to the fact that the messages are sent directly to the network through platform SIGTRAN links with the operator’s STPs, using the MAP protocol over M3UA, which reduces traffic in the SMSC and allows the operator to set, by campaign, the message resend policies.

Broadcast Messaging allows to send broadcast messages not only through SMS, but through USSD and MMS as well, providing more flexibility to the marketing areas in order to define the type of campaign.

The integration with the operator’s systems was done with no impact to the Campaign Generator because it adjusted the solution in order to adapt it to the Operator’s systems.


USSD CENTER Telefonica

TELEFONICA Ecuador OTECEL S.A decided to implement USSD Center in order to optimize both interactive communications features and services & queries self-management. The company was chosen to carry out the project.

“The USSD platform provided complied with the international standards and with the operation and security demands of OTECEL S.A. In addition, this platform counts with a differential: the SCE graphic tool, which allows us to design apps, launch to the market new USSD services and to update the existing ones according to the business needs.” (…) “All these features seek to raise customer satisfaction simplifying balance recharge and freeing IVR attention channels and Call Center agents. The job done to comply with the required functionalities helps us to maintain a leadership position in launching innovative products and services for Ecuador’s Mobile Telephony. ”

Marco Velepucha
P&I- VAS Platform



CLARO -Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

Claro replaced the existing platform with USSD Center which allows to design applications and to launch promotions, products and services dynamically, with minimum complexity and a limited time-to-market. The Operator could optimize, facilitate and raise both its interactive communication features and the services & queries self-management.



VIVO Brazil

Brazil’s main mobile telephony operator implemented Automatic SIM Activation, allowing it to manage active SIM card activation in a dynamic and remote way, optimizing the numbering rank management and the network resources in order to turn each activated line into a revenue generator.




PREPAID SYSTEMlogo_nextel_sinfondo
NEXTEL -Argentina – Brazil – Perú – México-

Nextel Argentina required a new solution of prepaid mobile telephony, prepaid card and controlled account in order to replace the existing platform, with clear competitive advantages. In a challenging term, PRepaid System was adapted so that its implementation was totally transparent to the user, implementing a product with clear competitive advantages in cost-benefit terms. Nextel was benefited with cost reduction and an improvement in service quality improvement, by simplifying interconnection processes, diminishing call establishing time and unifying system management. This generated concrete savings in infrastructure and operational expenses. Nowadays, Prepaid System provides Nextel with more features, flexibility on business changes and a rate generator which allows to offer new and attractive plans and promotions. The successful implementation in Argentina allowed to provide with Prepaid System in Brazil, Peru and Mexico.




The company acted as CLARO’s technological and commercial partner simplifying Virtual Private Network implementation in revenue share mode. The solution’s attractive value added features allow web decentralized management for each enterprise to define and control its cell phones from a friendly interface, as if they were extensions of their own virtual private network.

Operator´s client companies benefit through the call intelligent control and the communications cost optimization, being able to establish limits and permits according to the needs of each employee or Department, to associate an employee’s account to the corporative account and to receive a communications detail.

The Operator not only included an attractive product to its corporative portfolio, but won flexibility in order to pump the business, using the same technological solution to offer multiple commercial products, as well.

The sustained growth trend of CLARO’s corporative clients who incorporated the solution showed that it has high impact in customer loyalty or attraction in a highly profitable market segment.



Telefónica – MOVISTAR Argentina –

Movistar required a solution which allowed to minimize the fraud risk of its GSM network due to the increasing problem of device theft. The flexibility of Equipment Identity Register by allowed the operator not only to prevent and monitor the use of unauthorized devices, but to solve device’s management and control and lines sold through channels and distributors, as well.

“10 years ago, Movistar installed EIR platform. During all these years, it has always shown a proactive attitude and a clear orientation to solve our enquiries.

On 2010 we set the aim of discouraging equipment theft in Argentina, as part of our CSR policy. EIR turned into an essential tool in this sense, detecting and blocking equipments, among other functionalities”.

Fraud Prevention and Commercial Administration Management




TELEFÓNICA Argentina needed a solution which allowed it to redesign the functioning logic of its Call Centers, in order to centralize its processes and to improve the efficiency of its attention model. In addition, the market imposes operators a quick and effective reaction for its attention services with a 7X24 format, forcing them to optimize the use of technology in order to provide a better service. It implemented Intelligent Call Assistant (ICA), an intelligent pre-answering application with centralized access, which guarantees single-point call answering across the country and which enables a dynamic call flow configuration.

ICA provides attention through asterisk shortcuts for theft reports, device change, balance recharge for prepaid systems, billing statement, personalized attention and voicemail, among others; using the subscribers segmentation strategy.

“These IVRs, which make up the user Pre-attention Platform, originally worked on TDM and currently also work on SIP, supporting both technologies. The IVR Platform counts on a SCE (Service Creation Environment), which provides autonomy to easily generate App’s flows in a “drag & drop” environment”.

SDP, OCS & VAS Platforms Manager



With USSD Center, Nuevatel Bolivia succeeded to improve monitoring and service reports in order to know the platform’s status in real time. In addition, using Service Creation Environment, its graphic tool for service creation, Nuevatel gained autonomy to develop the existing services and to create new ones independently from the operator and with a higly competitive time-to-market.