Service Broker is the solution which allows to combine current services and to define new ones, accessing from different networks under any protocol. It allows enabling new services or adding capacities to legacy ones by reusing existing components. As it handles and adapts any protocol, it provides IN, IMS and Web network convergence. For instance, it enables the use of legacy services from the new IP networks (IM-SSF). In addition, it provides with a graphical development environment -Service Creation Environment- which shortens new services’ implementation and marketing time.


SERVICE BROKERlogo_nextel_sinfondo

Nextel Mexico needed to comply with a new regulation that compelled to migrate to a standardized 10-digit dialing for every call within the national territory according to the Numbering Technical Plan. The chosen solution was Service Broker, which allows mediating on the numeric translation for all intelligent network legacy systems beyond its type –legacy, NGN, fixed and mobile-. Service Broker’s implementation covers all call scenarios: solves correction during dialing, assigns prefixes according to the numbering plan and retriggers between MSC and OSC (frequent number dialing, pre and post-paid calls, among others). Using this solution, Nextel was able to increase its cash flow by reducing the amount of uncompleted calls and to diminish the use of network resources generated by wrong dialing.