Prepaid System simplifies real time collection for network use and for the delivered communication services, and increases customer database expanding the user target with no default risk. It is an overall solution that allows to manage and bill calls, messages, data and applications, and to set language, final user messages, currency units and time zones. In addition, it provides with infinite possibilities in order to offer new plans and promotions, boosting consumption and motivating recharges.



PREPAID SYSTEMlogo_nextel_sinfondo
NEXTEL -Argentina – Brasil – Perú – México-

Nextel Argentina required a new solution of prepaid mobile telephony, prepaid card and controlled account in order to replace the existing platform, with clear competitive advantages. In a challenging term, Prepaid System was adapted so that its implementation was totally transparent to the user, implementing a product with clear competitive advantages in cost-benefit terms. Nextel was benefited with cost reduction and an improvement in service quality improvement, by simplifying interconnection processes, diminishing call establishing time and unifying system management. This generated concrete savings in infrastructure and operational expenses. Nowadays, Prepaid System provides Nextel with more features, flexibility on business changes and a rate generator which allows to offer new and attractive plans and promotions. The successful implementation in Argentina allowed to provide with Prepaid System in Brazil, Peru and Mexico.