Intelligent Peripheral Very High Density

ATS introduces Intelligent Peripheral Very High Density, a solution for Telecommunications Operators to provide large-scale interactive voice response services, which processes up to 768 E1 when installed in a redundant configuration.

IP may be implemented on TDM networks with intelligent network protocols (CAMEL, INAP); on NGN networks with SIP protocol, and on both networks simultaneously through a single device. It additionally allows to integrate VoiceXML applications.

This solution was developed over SensIT, ATS’ open-architecture, convergent, multi-service, modular platform, which may be integrated into several network technologies and enables fixed and mobile telephone operators to provide services for convergent networks.

IP is scalable and allows for different redundancy levels. It can be set up in Low to Very High Density to meet the needs of each Operator.

IP Very High Density may be used either as an integral part of the ATS SensIT platform or to expand third party network capacity. It may be implemented with a minimum initial investment, incorporating new modules as the network grows.