Massive alert messages

Given the eruption threat of Cotopaxi volcano at Quito (Ecuador) on past September, Broadcast Messaging solution allowed the National Telecom Corporation (CNT) to massively send alert messages to approximately 300.000 users at risk, with a capacity defined in 10 TPS (transactions per second) through the USSD channel.

Broadcast Messaging allows to carry out massive mobile marketing campaigns through multiple delivery channels: SMS, MMS, WapPush, SatPush and USSD. It optimizes license costs by sending direct messages through its own signaling links and, by connecting directly to the SS7 network, it achieves high traffic volumes and a higher delivery capacity. It is currently installed on multiple regional operators: Movistar at Argentina, Ecuador and Central America (providing service to Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador); CNT Ecuador; TIM Brazil and Nuevatel Bolivia.