New business leanings in Number Portability

Developers look for new business leanings in number portability. Argentine company ATS is already working in Brazil and it is looking for new opportunities with innovative portability scenario to be opened in Peru, Ecuador and Central America.

The Argentine company for fixed and mobile market ATS obtains between 80% and 85% of its operating customers’ revenue, while the rest comes from corporate customers. It began operations in 1991, developing IVR systems (Interactive Voice Response), but today it aims its businesses to 3G applications and within the new Latin America scenario, to portability platforms.

ATS customers are Telefónica and Movistar, Telecom, Oi, Vivo and Intelig in Brazil, Une-Orbitel in Colombiaand Nextel in all markets. ATS realizes that, after the investment in 3G networks during the last two year, main operators of the region entered a phase for strategy design to increase ARPU, and together with developers of value added solutions they are searching the killer application that will boost incomes.

A year ago, the company opened its office in Mexico aimed at designing business opportunities with América Móvil. “The acquisition of offices in Mexico was fostered because we did not have presence there, considering most decisions are taken in Mexico, and we needed more presence in the headquarters. Although businesses were not completed yet, investment made there is giving results, at least, in the number of opportunities,” Claudia Rivière, president of ATS stated to Convergencialatina. This month, the company also opens its office in Colombia, that will be added to those located in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. In Peru, Paraguay,Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Central America, it manages its business through main partners Dialogic y Commlogic, and technological partners (HP, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Avaya, Nuance, Dialogic, Captaris, Avst, Interactive Intelligence, Zultys).

“Operators today come close to see what we can offer. They are looking for the killer application, that will compensate the investment made in 3G. Regarding the business model, what is happening is that many times, they do not even offer a revenue share scheme, they have a customers’ base and in order to reach it, they request the developer to pay”, explained Jorge Brunfman, executive director of ATS to Convergencialataina.

The company is Telefónica’s provider in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, in its fixed and mobile services. Within the businesses ATS provides to operators, around 60% and 70% belongs to cellular companies. Not only because greater growth is focused in this business, but also because of nature of investments: “Mobiles need the same kind of solutions as fixed services, but with a greater investment. They look for a more advantageous equation, while fixed services are aiming at greater deployments of technological networks,” said Rivière.

Within 3G applications, ATS offers two products. Video Portal enables to made contents available in cell phones through video technology, thus a faster and more direction-based navigation is achieved than that through Wap or mobile Internet, and among its applications Mobile Banking and surveillance cameras monitoring stand out. “Another product is On Device Portal (ODP), that prepares contents specifically for the size of the mobile screen”, added Brunfman.

In the fixed segment, ATS offers IVR (Internactive Voice Response), platforms of value added service (Calling cards, for example), management systems of public telephony and local number portability. Additionally, 70% of solutions for mobile operators are the value added segment; the rest is linked to issues required by regulation, such as local number portability, calls tapping due to judicial order and GSM number tracking.

ATS had its first experience in portability in Brazil together with the operator Intelig, ands it expects to take part in the new scenarios that will be opened in the region as from next year. “In the case of Intelig, the system has been in operations since September. We will compete against the infrastructure operators –Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Huawei and other companies specifically rendering our same service— Technomen, Comverse. The balance turns to ATS due to a concept test, installing a trial in customer addressing a basic functionality to prove operation of the system. Moreover, we manage to replace the obsolete solution held by Intelig, adapting our solution to the one the company already had.”