Number portability in Brazil

ATS implemented its Call Screening solution in Intellig

In a very short term, ATS successfully developed and implemented Number Portability and Call Screening for Intelig, allowing the operator to comply with the Telecom National Agency (ANATEL) regulations.

Through ATS solution, the brazilian operator provides the number portability service to its subscribers and will be able to take advantage of Call Screening platform’s intelligent processing in order to pursue, transfer or block calls and reproduce announcements.

Call Screening has a flexible design and is highly settable. It adapts to multiple technologies, and integrates easily and efficiently to the Operator’s telephone network.

Once more, ATS shows its commitment to comply with its clients deadlines and technological requirements.

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Source: Convergencia Latina

Date: 01-09-08

Number portability started today for 17,5M fixed and mobile subscribers.

The effective application of the number portability system started today for the fixed and mobile telephony services, with a cost of US$ 2,44, as established by the Telecom National Agency (ANATEL). The system`s application will start in the districts with the following national codes: 14 (San Pablo), 17 (San Pablo), 27 (Espíritu Santo), 37 (Minas Gerais), 43 (Paraná), 62 (Goiás), 67 (Mato Grosso do Sul and 86 (Piauí).

These areas comprehend 17.5 M subscribers, around 10% of the countries accesses. The remaining regions will join progressively and all the country should be covered by March 1st, 2009.


Source: O Estado de Sâo Paulo – Brasil

Date: 01-09-08

It is estimated that number portability will be used by 11M subscribers on its first year.
The Telecom National Agency (ANATEL) estimated that during its first year, number portability will be used by 11M subscribers, that is why the operation’s total cost will be of US$ 27,9M. The Telecom Resources Brazilian Association (ABR Telecom) will cover the costs of subscribers movement between operators.

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