Prepaid Call v5.2 offers new services for NGN

In order to fulfill their clients’ communication needs, more and more operators are seeking to provide prepaid Data Transfer, Messaging, Internet Access and Phone Calls from a PC.

To meet these needs, ATS included SMS & Data modules in Prepaid Account, and Prepaid Internet and PC to Phone modules in Calling Card, all within Prepaid Call’s v5.2.

Providing these services generates the need of new features, as is the case of Multiple Balances, which enables to administer up to 10 accounts /Value Added Services with different measuring units, independent maturity dates, and the possibility to associate each of them to a different currency.

ATS also included in this release the development of Group Accounts, to administer shared balances and differential rates: a prized concept within the marketing sector in order to provide services to corporations.

The new version of ATS’s Prepaid Call platform, also offers other prepaid services such as downloading Ring Tones, Wall Papers or playing Interactive Games.

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