Press Release: Claro Argentina incorporated Smart Messaging Platform by ATS

Claro Argentina has recently incorporated Smart Messaging Platform, a new solution by ATS, which will be used as from 2013 in all its local operations.

Smart Messaging Platform by ATS will enable Claro Argentina to offer multiple added-value services to its clients and to speed up the services’ development and deployment through the SCE graphic interface, which admits to assembly the messages’ content and to create all sorts of flows in a totally dynamic way. Smart Messaging Platform adds to its functions the possibility of auditing services delivered to third-parties through its network. Now, for instance, Claro will be able to easily check its users’ billing for the access to content providers.

With this solution, Claro Argentina will centralize the messages’ delivery and reception between network entities and external applications through multiple connection protocols (SMPP, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/SOAP, FTP y SFTP).

In this way, Smart Messaging Platform will widely boost Claro’s business in Argentina by offering its corporate clients SMS services for marketing campaigns, promotions, consultation on remaining credit, telepolls, web messaging, ringtones and ticket sales. Meanwhile, Claro will keep its final clients’ loyalty, by providing a transparent and trustworthy context when billing these contents.

After the implementation in Argentina, ATS will move on to operations in Uruguay and Paraguay, expecting to complete support coverage at a regional level.