SensIT, ATS’s platform, supports SIP and VoIP protocol

Encouraged by the need to incorporate new multimedia services supported by an efficient network infrastructure, Operators are increasingly transferring their networks to NGN.

The generalized mobility that characterizes NGN networks allows users to communicate and access the service seamlessly from any location and at any time; it also ensures a clear transition in access, making the fixed-mobile convergence real.

Convergence will enable data, voice and video to be services of the same network (IP/MPLS), instead of being different access networks, as they are today (Ethernet/ATM, TDM, Video Cable).
ATS has added SIP protocol’s support for IP-based NGN networks to its SensIT platform, as a way to reaffirm its clear and strong commitment toward innovation.

The SIP protocol is the basis of a multimedia IP-based communications architecture that supports voice, data and video services convergence.

Not only does ATS offer all its portfolio of interoperational applications with IP technology (SIP) and Intelligent Networks (INAP, WIN y CAMEL), it has also developed products according to standards, with an open, distributed architecture and multi-protocol, with a mind set on Operators who want to offer innovative services in a competitive market.

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