The new Country Manager at Brazil: Marco Aurelio Barbosa de Oliveira


ATS informed that Marco Aurelio Barbosa de Oliveira was named Brazil Country Manager. The executive worked as Sales Manager and, during his management period, ATS quintupled its sales in Brazil.

Source:  newsletter A Diario Latino 17/04/2012 – Convergencia Latina

According to last year’s balance, ATS Brazil quintupled its sales volume in the 2007 to 2011 period. From his new role, Marco Aurelio will be in charge of ATS Brazil general management, defining the commercial strategy, aligned with the strategic aims defined by ATS corporate directory. Marco Aurelio is Engineer and has worked in big technology companies such as NEC, Siemens and MetroRed, adding up more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian telecommunications market. His work at ATS started as Sr. Account Executive on 2006 and, on the same year, he was promoted to Sales Manager, reformulating the commercial strategy and turning ATS Brazil into a referent in local telecommunications.